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I live in Franklin, TN with my wife, our daughter, and our two dogs. In my professional life, I am a technical writer for structural engineer software. It's great work that gives me a chance to combine loves for technology, construction, mathematics, science, and much more. Some of you here on Newsvine may have wondered about my URL name: super-structure. It's the name that my web-site has gone under for over five years now.

Personal Conduct

I thought that it might be beneficial to anyone reading my seeds, posts, or comments to understand my plan for how I wish to use Newsvine.The Newsvine Code of Honor sets a wonderful standard for all to maintain. The staff here does a remarkable job of ensuring the discourse is reasonably civil. However, we can do so much better. The Newsvine tagline is Get smarter here. Learning about the world around me is my main use for Newsvine. Think of this as sort of my own personal Code of Honor.

  1. Most importantly, I wish to learn more about the events going on in the world around me. In doing so, I hope to carry on conversations with others here of different opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs, all of which will help me to learn.
  2. I will use the seed comment space for a few paragraphs quoted from the article (properly indicated as a quote). I think this gives readers a chance to see if the article is of any interest to them before spending any more time. Any personal experience, opinion, or further questions on my part I will include as a comment.
  3. I will always try to limit my comments to areas of my knowledge, clear statements of my opinion, presentation of evidence in a discussion, and polite and civil conversation. I will treat everyone here as if they were sitting at my table. That is to say, I will not use Newsvine as a way to anonymously attack others.
  4. I will only seed articles that I have read and have found interesting. I do not wish to seed articles for sole purpose of an underlying agenda or to prove anything. I will use comments on my own seeds , as well as on those of others, to express my own opinions, beliefs, and ideas. Where I wish to express a lengthy thought which is not pertinent to an ongoing discussion elsewhere, I will write a post.
  5. I will never vote for my own seeds, posts, or comments. I wish for those to reflect those who have decided that they have found my seed or post of interests or agree with a comment I have made. It should be understood that I agree with myself.

- May 23rd, 2006

Updates on My Work on Newsvine

Essentially every one of my 1,000+ seeds on Newsvine contains a quote from the first few paragraphs of the linked article. I do this as a way of hopefully peaking the reader's interest to get them to continue on to the site to read the full article. I generally leave commentary to the comments/discussion (read above for more on that). I typically do this in what I have always understood to be an appropriate and semantic way of writing HTML, that is I use the <q> element (or tag, if you like). However, it has recently come to my attention that some browsers, namely Microsoft's Internet Explorer, do not render quote marks before or after <q> designated text. This is unfortunate and I hope that anyone who reads my seeded articles realizes I am not meaning any form or plagarizing. As a user of Firefox for the past couple of years, this simply hadn't occurred to me since my adoption of the <q> element. I do not hold Newsvine responsible since I view this as a omission on the browser's capabilities. If you do look at at the mark-up, you should not the quoted text from any article as being marked as such.

From time to time I will 'Stop Tracking' one of the seeds or articles here on Newsvine where I have commented. If the conversation grows long or if it departs from my area of interest, particularly, but often because discussions can grow overly hostile. In any case, if you feel that you have addressed me and have not received any response, then please contact me directly so I may do so. I do not wish to ignore any person who wants to have a discussion with me but I do often feel the need to bow out as to not be overwhelmed by comments I have no interest in reading.

Well, I suppose I'm not really active much on Newsvine anymore. However, you can still contact through this site or roll on over to to see what I'm up to and what I'm reading online. Best wishes.

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